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The project team must analyze the New Requirements. This section will specify what the company will need in the area of solution elements, such as networking, Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and Power over Ethernet (PoE). Specifically, this section will answer the following questions (at a minimum):

Which type of network topology would you recommend for the corporate backbone and the wired and wireless connections? Why do you think this would be the best choice?
Which type of cabling would you recommend? Why do you think this would be the best choice?
How will the network infrastructure accommodate remote access?
What solution would you propose to integrate the social media site with a CRM solution?
What security considerations are involved?

Collaborate and work with the network specialist on the team. Be sure to capture and document the decisions made in the appropriate section of the Capstone project document.
For these questions I have decided to answer question #1. I will be posting my response to this question here in this discussion board thread and in the DB2 assignment thread for this week in Unit 2 as was recommended by Dr. Gurlen. Please be advised that this thread is being monitored and you participation is being taken into consideration. just a heads up. According to Dr. Gurlen your response should be about a page long in MS Word.  We still haven’t dealt with all of week 1. this is now week two guys  I really don’t want to be scrambling in week 4 when we have had all this time.


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