Elements of Speech Communication

When giving a speech it’s important to remember the 7 elements of communication to be able to connect with the audience. The 7 elements are self, others, purpose, context, content, structure and expression. These elements allow the speaker to successfully communicate their message to the audience. The speaker used all 7 elements to lecture and inform people on climate migration.
When people are asked if they ever heard of climate refugee most of the time they have no idea what it is or never even heard of the word. So what is climate refugee? Climate refugees or migrants are a group of people who were forced to flee due to environment-related emergencies. Most of the time the climate changes fall in one of these three categories sea-level rise, extreme weather events, and/or drought and water scarcity. Since 2008 an average of 24 million people had to flee due to environment related emergency each year.
This presentation had an effect on me personally because my parents were refugees when they first came to the USA. Even though it wasn’t due to the Climate they were still forced to leave their country due to war. My parents came to America in 2001, they had to go through refugee to come to the united states because that was the only way to leave their mother land Eritrea. Eritrea is a very small country that’s located in east Africa right next to Ethiopia and Sudan, so if anyone ever wants to leave to come to the USA they would have to go through refugee in Sudan or Ethiopia. So, the fact that my parents had to go through refugee made me even more interested in finding out more about Climate refugees.

After the presentation, I kept asking myself how can I make a difference in this big problem of climate refugee? Then I remember what the Speaker said during his speech, he said that we can all make a difference in this problem and it all starts with keeping our environment and everything around us clean because we may think leaving a bottle of water on the ground won’t affect no one but the rest of the world pays the price for our thoughtless over-consumption. People will suffer from that one bottle of trash and be forced to leave their country due to the harms caused by the water bottle and other items that we just leave laying around. So finally, after the presentation, I decided that I will re-use bottles and make sure to always recycle.
The audience responded very well to the speaker and they seemed very interested in the topic. Many of the audience never heard of climate refugee before and that made it even better because they were getting new information, so it was very interesting. During the speech somethings stood out to the audience that made them open their eyes about climate refugees such as climate migration has been going on for years and millions of people are suffering from it because they have nowhere to stay and we still don’t hear about it.
The reason we don’t hear about climate refugee often is because many countries don’t want to help or get involved since it’s not related to war, so other countries such as America don’t feel the need to help these countries suffering due to environment-related emergency. Finally, the speech influenced everyone because as the speaker said everyone in that room can help make difference in this climate refugee just by doing the simplest things such as recycling and keeping our environments clean.
The purpose of the presentation is to inform people on climate migration and how we need to do something to prevent it. Climate migration is increasing fast due to environment related emergency’s forcing many people to migrate to other countries leaving their homes and loved ones. During these migrations many families get separated due to many people being forced to leave their houses. The main goal of the speaker was to get people to realize that these people are paying the price for our thoughtless over-consumption and that we need to start making changes one step and one person at a time because if we keep this up soon enough our country is going to be part of these climate


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