Eliminating the 12th Grade

Would eliminating the twelfth grade in Utah affect seniors? Currently Senator Buttars says it will save money for schools if senior year was to be eliminated. I believe that the Utah state legislation should not eliminate the twelfth grade because there are classes that you have to take senior year, catch up, and preparation for college.
Firstly, I think the Utah legislation should not eliminate the twelfth grade because there are classes that you can only take your senior year. These days we have four years of english and science. It would be a bummer if we as students have to take those classes again in college. Also some students need the credits to graduate. Without those two or three credits then how will they graduate? Then the rest of the year could be enjoyable.
Secondly it gives them time to catch up on classes they may have failed in previous years. I know it would be terrible, but retaking those classes would really help, especially when you failed the past years. Other than just making up the class up with packets, it would be easier for you. Also it would give others a second chance to be someone.

Thirdly, seniors won’t be as prepared for college as they should be. If this is so, then we coming up seniors won’t be able to have the knowledge for what is in store in college. If we go to college without all the knowledge that we have from high school, then what is the use of going? It would also drop motivation for the upcoming, knowing that the twelfth grade won’t be able to be taken anymore. Also bringing down students dreams of being what they want to be when they grow up. It would be a disappointment to see that students won’t be able to fulfill their dreams.
However some students think the twelfth grade should be eliminated because some students don’t go to their classes. On the contrary they are wrong because there are some students that come to class and care about their grades.
In conclusion, I still believe the twelfth grade should not be eliminated because some classes have to be taken senior year, they won’t have to play catch up and they will be prepared for college. Now ask yourself, ‘Am I ready for college?’


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