Paper 2 is a literary analysis in which you analyze a theme in one or more of these works:

Egyptian Love      Poems, Vol. A, p. 70-75
Classic of      Poetry, Vol. A, p. 1314-1324
Medieval Chinese      Poets, Vol. B, p. 1083-1160
The Thousand and      One Nights, Vol B., p. 597-714
Marie de France, “Bisclavret,”      “Laustic,” and “Lanval,” Vol. B, p. 296-310      and “Lanval” posted in the online class.

You can incorporate one work or so from the first half of the class IF there is a reasonable tie-in to the works from the second half of the class, but you may not recycle a topic from the first half.
This is a research paper. It’s not a huge research project, but you must incorporate at least three (3) secondary sources in this paper not counting the primary text that you are analyzing. This means that you must have a minimum of four (4) sources cited on the Works Cited page.
Sources must be academic. Look on the library databases. I will not allow any lame secondary sources from “We will help you write your paper.com” websites. No CliffNotes or SparkNotes nonsense. Look for actual literary criticism or literary analysis essays in the library databases or in Google Scholar.
Paper Requirements:
Paper 2 should be around 1200 words not counting the Works Cited page, and it should be in MLA format. You must include the primary text(s) in the Works Cited page.
You should quote the primary text and cite all quotes correctly.
You must include cited quotes and/or paraphrases from secondary sources as well.
**This is analysis not summary. Do not just summarize the work(s). You must establish a line of analysis and focus on that.


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