My #compstrat cadres: Consider this shallow evidence gleaned during earliest stages of catastrophic market collapse. The connection between human need & what we’re flogging loses almost all meaning & value. How will this change our work on the other side?
Tweet provocation 2

My #compstrat cadres- Part2 input to next week’s debate as oldskool wag comes so close to bright advice re marketing during covid. But his big idea fails: more/different paid media brand advertising. Bring a better big idea 2class for ur project brand. #hw
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I hope you all are remaining safe and healthy. Please let me know if there’s anything I or the school can do.

Re this written POV assignment — consider both articles and my provocations for each. Think about ways your project brand ( Lyft) might do value marketing in these coming weeks and months – ways which lean much more heavily on some of the historic and current examples Ritson notes (e.g. Marks & Spencer in WWII and LVMH today) and less on Ritson’s cop-out suggestion at the end of his piece – more paid media supported brand advertising. This is your chance to hone your strategically creative chops. ~500 words is fine. 


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