ethical delama i might face in my electrical engineering job

 Students will be asked to write a paper that applies the ethical decision-making process steps to an ethical issue that they are likely to face in their future chosen profession. The purpose of this paper is to give students experience working individually with the concepts from the beginning section of the course on the philosophical and psychological foundations of ethical decision-making so that they can work toward internalizing them. As part of the ethical decision-making framework, students should first spend time clarifying the ethical issue that they are likely to face in their career by doing some research. It is strongly recommended that students focus the paper on one major issue and not try to tackle multiple issues within their paper. To do a thorough, systematic ethical analysis, this  application paper will probably be approximately 8-9 typewritten, double-spaced pages in length with 1” margins, and use headings for each of the sections to organize the paper. The content of these papers will remain confidential. 


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