ethical hacking

The email I sent to my professor copying it here:I would like to inform after my residency week I had submitted my assignments week 7,8,9,10,12 assignments late ,as  I had to moved out to other house and there was no internet connection for 1month till march 30th and nobody came to fix it due to the pandemic of COVID-19 lockdown.I sincerely apologize for submitting late professor but I had no source to email you before.can you please kindly give me this one chance to grade them and as you can see all my assignments and discussions are on time.Due to the internet issues I was not able to submit them on time and due to this I will miss my grade professor.But he was not convinced to grade my assignments so  he told me the below.
I will consider grading with a penalty if you give me a 1000 word essay on what you are going to do to prevent this in future and how as a graduate student you should be prepared.I expect good APA formatting.send it to me as word document.I do not expect citations or references but I do expect APA formatting for he rest and you need to try and convince me.


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