First, listen to the episode of the podcast Planet Money entitled “Help Wanted”:
Then answer the following questions:
1. (a) What is “blind hiring,” and what does the process involve? (b) What is a potential problem with blind hiring, according to Kaya Thomas?
2. (a) How does Aline Lerner’s software modify an employment interview? (b) In your view, should employers conduct interviews using this software? (You must explain the reasons for your answer; a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is not sufficient.)
3. (a) What did data from the U.S. Army show about the careers of people with felony waivers in terms of firing and promotions? (b) In your view, what are the implications of this data for the hiring standards employers should use?
4. (a) How did employers in states that passed laws against credit score background checks get around this restriction? (b) What was the effect of these new requirements?

it’s not a paper, answer the questions as points and label each question 


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