Name Submittal Date Course Number and Section Week 6 Case Study Questions #1. ) Using the details of the case study, identify the stages – a beginning, middle, end, and an aftermath – of the conflict process that Edward and Elizabeth went through. The beginning was when Laura texted Edward back and he thought she was upset. The middle was when Edward texted her back upset about her response. The end was when they argued at home of dumb stuff even though the argument was for no reason. The aftermath is now they are both mad at each other. 2. ) What is the disinhibition effect and how did it play a role in the case study? The disinhibtion effect is the loss of inhibitions when interacting with someone online that leads to the tendency to escalate the conflict. They weren’t watching how they were emailing so it seemed rude when she emailed it even though she didn’t mean to. #3. ) Discuss at least three strategies to alleviate online conflict, be it from texting, IMing, or emailing? How could have Edward and Elizabeth employed these strategies to avoid their conflict?
There strategies to alleviate online conflict are too breath, plan your message don’t text real quick cause you might regret what you send. Avoid personal attach, name calling and emotional overstatement. Another would be too be sure you want to express your anger, sometimes it’s not worth the fight. Edward definitely should have breathed and made sure if he wanted to express his anger. #4. ) Often times we hold back our true feelings with a spouse or significant other because we assume the issue is trivial and not turning into a conflict.
But how might not sharing your feelings with a spouse or significant other have a long-term effect on your relationship? Use specifics from the case study to support your answer. The long term effect is you start to resent your partner because you never express that he upset you. So when you finally do argue you bring up all that pushed back feelings and explode. Thus causing a much worse fight. In the case study I chose for him to confront her so there wasn’t really any held in emotion. #5. ) What are some of the skills and strategies used to maintain and escalate a close relationship?

How could Edward and Elizabeth use these skills to overcome the issue they have with their electronically-mediated communication? Some of the skills to maintain a close relationship are to express emotions, provide comfort and social support engage in relationship talk, be tolerant and show restraint, and manage conflict cooperatively. They could express emotion using emoticons. Definitely show restraint and not text immediately when thinking someone is upset. Always see first if they upset before attacking them saying why are they mad and such.


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