exam 2

rovide detailed answers for each question (min 100-120 words). The length of each answer is limited to two A4 pages, so that the total number of your answer sheets does not exceed 6 pages. Try to give your answers as concise and complete as possible. For some questions, you may write a short essay on the topic. The text book can be used for answering your questions, but attempt to formulate your own sentences and avoid transcribing the sentences in the text.

(20 points) The traditional theories of learning are based on two major traditions of psychology, i.e. behaviorism and cognitivism. Discuss the primary concerns of these approaches and their strong and weak points as a theory of human learning.
 (20 points) Piaget distinguished four major stages of cognitive development, i.e. sensorimotor development, preoperational thinking, concrete operations, and formal operations. Explain using his psychological constructivism theory the major characteristics of the children in each stage by illustrating concrete examples.
 (20 points) Explain and compare the distinguishing features of four motivation theories of behaviorism theory, self-determination theory, attribution theory, and expectancy-value theory.

Part II 
4. (10p) Writing objectives: Choose a standard in your field ( https://www.georgiastandards.org/Georgia-Standards/Pages/default.aspx), and write cognitive, behavioral and psychomotor objective.
5. (10) Develop a motivational activity as your opening or hook for your standard. Specify what motivational theory is related to and why.
6.  (10p) Develop a Compare and Contrast activity for your standard.
7. (10p) For your Compare and Contrast activity develop adaptations  the  for one type of student.


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