Excel problem

You will survey ten friends, five male and five female, who use an iphone and report your results in text and graphical form. You will ask each friend how much screen time was spent on Productivity Sites and Social Networking Sites over the last 7 days.  Indicate the dates covered and ask all ten friends about the same 7 days. 

A description of your sample – how they were chosen, who (no names, just what group or groups they were). From what population? 10 points
Quantitative and categorical data: raw data in table form, 5 points
Quantitative graphs:  bar charts, boxplots, dotplots, frequency distributions, histograms for both categories (male and female), 20 points
Descriptive Statistics: mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, etc., 20 points
Description of center, shape and spread (and outliers, if present), 20 points
SUMMARY: Write a short paragraph for each data set (or a comparison and/or contrast of the two) summarizing the characteristics of your sample in regards to your survey question. What did you find out? What conclusions can you make?  Who would find this information useful? 20 points
Suggestions for a new study that your data might prompt (won’t have to DO the study, but what new questions might your results have brought to mind?) 5 points

Please type any information required and LABEL your work according to the requirements above.  All statistical analysis, graphs and charts must be in Excel. Neatness, proofreading and spelling accuracy do matter.


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