Finalizing the Continuity Plan

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This assignment, you will add to Part 1 an additional section that addresses disaster recovery. You should use your text, library resources, and live chats to identify the appropriate topics of disaster recovery that fit with the risk assessment and business impact analysis that you have created in previous assignments.
Disaster recovery is heavily integrated with incident response; however, there should be a clear boundary that demonstrates when response efforts have ended and recovery efforts begin. Disaster recovery can be defined in several phases, as follows:

Response Phase: Here is where the disaster recovery plan is      activated and the actions outlined in the plan are executed.
Recovery Phase: The organization implements time-critical      business functions that are required to re-establish business functions to      prevent further loss.
Resumption Phase: This phase addresses actions after recovery. This      is where the time critical business functions are operational.
Restoration Phase: Where the organization begins to rebuild to      establish normal operations, such as the following:

Repair and Replacement
Restoration of Primary Site
Resumption of Primary Site
Standing down and after action       review

Note: The key to successfully completing this assignment is to ensure that it addresses a solution to a problem. In other words, the final draft of your plan should not explain concepts. The plan should apply them. For example, in the disaster recovery section, you may choose to implement a cold site. The plan should not explain what a cold site is. It should discuss the procedures to establish and make the cold site operational.


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