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An Introduction to Young Children with Special Needs   
1.  What factors have influenced curriculum for young children with disabilities?  What three (3) fields of education have influenced curriculum for young children with delays or disabilities? 
2.  List three (3) global outcomes that must be documented to report the progress children with special needs make annually.
3.  Explain the developmental-cognitive approach.  Define functional skills.
4.  Explain each approach:  preacademic or academic approach; behavioral approach; functional approach.
5.  What is a curriculum model?
6.  Explain each model:  The Creative Curriculum Model; Bank Street Curriculum Model; High/Scope Curriculum Model; Montessori Curriculum Model; Reggio Emilia Model; Theme-Based Model.
7.  Define developmentally appropriate practice (DAP).  List and explain the three (3) dimensions of DAP.
8.  What is ECSE?
9.  List six (6) principles that underlie DEC recommended practices.
10.  List seven (7) potential benefits of ECSE.
11.  List seven (7) inadequacies of the DAP Guidelines that pertain to young children with delays or disabilities.
12.  What is the biggest challenge in applying the DAP Guidelines to the education of young children with delays or disabilities?
13.  List seven (7) similarities that have been documented across both DAP and DEC guidelines.
14.  List four (4) specific elements of a comprehensive curriculum for early intervention, preschool, and early primary programs.
15.  List eleven (11) important questions to be asked about any curriculum model or curriculum-based assessment system being considered for use with young children with delays or disabilities.
16.  Define activity-based instruction or intervention.
17.  For what should data collection be used when monitoring curriculum progress?
18.  What is the foundation of the curriculum framework?


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