Formulating an E-Business Plan

Deliverable Length:  Word document of 20–25 pages (excluding references and cover page)

In Week 1, you were asked to create an e-Business Plan for a local company. Each week, you added a section to this e-Business Plan and submitted them for grading. The following sections should have been completed: 

Enterprise Marketing Management Plan (Week 1 IP)
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Process Plan (Week 2 IP)
Data-Driven Web Analytics Plan (Week 3 IP)
Search Engine Optimization Plan (Week 4 IP)
Week 5 IP

This week, you will be responsible for creating a Pay-per-Click (PPC) Plan of 4–5 pages. For this portion of the e-Business Plan, you must include the following: 
Create a description of the 3 types of searches that will be used in your PPC plan.
Describe the PPC campaign that you recommend for the case study company.
Define each of the following items listed below specifically for the case study company using goal-based target estimates:
Click-through rate
Cost per click
Average cost per click
Conversion rate
Cost per conversion
Cost per lead
Cost per acquisition
Create 5 ad groups, including their purpose and suggestions for headlines and text.
Describe how you will implement your ads and the type of data you will track from those ads.


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