Frankenstein Journal Assignment

Walton writes to his sister, Margaret Saville, about his voyage to the North Pole, which plans him to leave St. Petersburg, Russia for Archangel. He finds a ship and gathers men to sail with him, but realizing that he is lonely and longs for a friend. When the ship is stuck on ice, his crew sees a giant figure passing by on a dog sled and a man who looks exhausted. They take the man aboard for Walton to nurse him and to communicate with him for he has been longing for a friend.
In that matter, the man, Frankenstein, tells the story about his destruction. I understand Walton because I was lonely when I moved to a different state and city. I thought that I wouldn’t make new friends when I went to school, but people were nice to me because I was new. I was happy that I didn’t have any problems of meeting new people. Victor Frankenstein Frankenstein is the eldest son of a wealthy, Genevese man, Alphonse, and his wife, Caroline, who was rescued from poverty. Caroline finds Elizabeth that was raised by a peasant family and was Victor’s responsibility to take care of her.Victor is sensitive, intelligent, and passionate about his interests and becomes absorbed in the quest to find out what creates life when he saw lighting striking an oak tree.
While away at college, in Ingolstadt, Victor creates a being from scavenged corpse parts and gives it life, but is repulsed by its figure. He soon finds his friend Henry and takes a tour around Ingolstadt. Alphonse explains to Victor about his little brother’s death and returns home to find Justine accused of the murder. He knows that the monster is trying to destroy his life by killing the ones Victor loves.Frankenstein takes off to Chamonix to find the monster and prepares to end it. The monster tells Victor to listen to the story and promises to leave from humanity and leave him in peace. Frankenstein agrees.

I can see Frankenstein resembling myself because I am also the oldest in my family and is planning to study after school. Since Victor’s studies are similar to science, I want to study near medical field because I want to be a doctor. The Creature He was created by Victor Frankenstein in Ingolstadt. He was loving and gentle at the beginning, but became bitter after several harsh encounters with humans.He watched the De Lacey and learned that they were poor. The creature gained the ability to understand language and reading books of The Sorrows of Werter, Paradise Lost, and Plutarch’s Lives to further his education. He also finds Frankenstein’s journal and is disgusted.
The creature goes inside the house with De Lacey alone to win its friendship until Felix, Agatha, and Safie show up, causing the creature being chased away. He returned to find the cottage empty and burns it in a rage. The creature sets out to Geneva to find Frankenstein and seek revenge for his existence.He encountered a little boy and planned to kidnap him, but realized the boy’s connection to Frankenstein, causing the death of William. The creature finds a necklace of Caroline and puts it on Justine’s dress when she was asleep. As to this ending the story, he commands to Frankenstein to create another creature to fill in his loneliness. I feel bad for the creature because he became rejected from his hideousness and was trying to help others.
But the advantage about him was his education; he had a smart brain just like his creator. I think he shouldn’t have sought revenge to Frankenstein because it’s not his fault.Even though that’s how we are, we should think positive. Victor Frankenstein After listening to the story, Frankenstein and the monster argued about creating another creature. The monster assured to him that he and his companion would travel away, but if he refused, the monster would vow to prevent Frankenstein from happiness. Frankenstein agreed to work on it and the monster promised to be near to check on his progress. Frankenstein found it hard to work on the second monster because he thought of many horrific possibilities.
Seeing the terrifying results of his first creation, he destroyed the female monster.The monster with anger vowed to be with Frankenstein on his wedding night. On his honeymoon, Frankenstein finds Elizabeth strangled and chases off the monster up toward the North Pole until the ice broke, separating them and bringing Frankenstein towards Walton’s ship. After ending the story, Frankenstein asks Walton to kill the monster. Victor reminds me of a hero because he wouldn’t give up on the chase of the monster for revenge. He did the right thing for not creating another monster because he couldn’t trust his first creation.I can keep on moving forward with my education by studying and not giving up.
I can succeed just like Victor by staying focused. Robert Walton Walton believes Frankenstein’s story without doubt. He wasn’t sure whether to turn back and go home, or continue to the North Pole. Before answering, Frankenstein gave the crew a lecture on glory. The crew decided to turn back, which made Walton disappointed. After Frankenstein’s death, Walton sees the monster standing over his creator asking for forgiveness for his destruction, but Walton debates on killing him as he had assured Frankenstein he would.The monster explained how he would leave for the North Pole to burn himself and destroy every trace of his existence.
He jumped from the ship into the ice-raft and “was borne away by the waves. ” Walton is like a good friend to Frankenstein because he listened to every detail of his story and took care of his health as best as he could. He also cared about his crew by turning back home. The last line was good to be ended with this story because it made me think a little about what happened to the monster.


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