Free will

Use the characters of Huck, Jim and Louise Mallard to help you form an essay response to Steven Cave’s argument in the article titled, “There is no such thing as free will.” 

Your essay should be your own argument.  Your goal is to use evidence from the lives (statements, actions, beliefs) of Huck, Jim and Louise as support for your argument. 
Your opinion is critical to this essay.  Your opinion is valuable but it must be supported with evidence!
Your goal is to provide an intelligent, thoughtful, and well-supported response to Steven Cave.  Your opinion only counts if you can support it with literary references or historical references to the time period known as the “Age of Transformation.”
Your essay should clearly demonstrate an understanding of the “Age of Transformation.”  Specifically, you should aim to incorporate the concepts of determinism and social Darwinism into your discussion.  
Your essay must contain at least two quotes from chapter 31 of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,” two quotes from “The Story of an Hour,” and two quotes from Steven Cave’s article titled, “There is no such thing as free will.”  Six quotes total for supporting material.  
No other outside sources are allowed in the essay.    
Do not rely on plot summary or article summary for your support.  I’ve read all three reading selections thoroughly.  Summary of the reading selections offers very little assistance in supporting your argument.      
Essay must be double-spaced, 12 point font.  All quotes must be formatted properly.  Plagiarism is when you don’t use quotes properly.  See plagiarism handout.
In addition to answering the question adequately, your essay will be graded on organization, grammar, formatting and adherence to MLA standards for quoted material.   
Since I’m providing the secondary source, no works cited page is required.
Essay must be uploaded before 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 24th.  


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