General Computer and Application Controls of BestBuy

1.  Analyze   the general computer controls (GCC) and application controls of an E-commerce   website that you use frequently or are otherwise familiar with.    
2. Attempt to complete a   transaction, or transactions, through the website, taking screenshots of the   transaction progress. Proceed with the   transaction(s)    
3. as far as you would like   through the purchase process using either real information (black out   personal information on the screen shot when turning in the assignment) or   fictitious information.    
4. Next, test the various input   controls and document your findings. Analyze the types of front-end input controls that are in place and   the effectiveness of those controls.    
5. Also analyze the backend   theoretical processing of the transaction(s) and further relevant GCC and   application controls all the way from initiation of the transaction to the   updating of the company’s GL.    
6. This will require making some   assumptions, as the company’s system is not available for you to access.   Please analyze both the processing and controls, including the important data   sets that will be utilized by the company to   update the GL. 
7. Finally, provide any   recommendations for improvement   related to the controls you   tested or would have tested. Print out your analysis and turn in a hard copy   in class, along with the screenshots as exhibits.   
* Make sure you are very   detailed as to the types of transactions, activities, processing and controls   that relate specifically to your chosen E-commerce experience (company).    
*This should pertain to the company you   have chosen to analyze and it should not be a generic analysis. There is no specific length requirement,   but make sure that each topic is adequately discussed.    
*Also, be sure to clearly identify the GCC   and application controls in your paper. Amazon cannot be used for this assignment.    

Attachment is the example of completed work and knowledge about GCC. 


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