Gyrotoner machine version 1 ( report )

  i am forming a report about my project, i need a ( summary,introduction, theoretical background, conclusion )

     This project aims to build multifunctional upper extremity rehab machine. This device will help the patient with hands limited function to recover faster from their surgical treatment. Here the student they have to understand the standard biomechanics of the shoulder, elbow and wrist. Then based on that they have to design a machine reproducing the same range of joint movements. 

to start this project, you have to familiarize with the concept of the joints anatomy, kinetics and kinematics in general which are the range of movement of the shoulder, elbow and wrist joints in 3D.
By this end, I think you have these points of general research that you have to do before the next meeting :

1) Upper limb anatomy (especially shoulder, elbow and wrist joints).
2) shoulder, elbow and wrist joints general ranges of movements (kinematics).
3) Upper limb dysfunction reasons and proposed solutions to back to normale. 
4) Gyrotoner machine and its role in rehabilitation.


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