Happy Teacher

“HAPPY TEACHER” A Narrative Report on Practice Teaching 2011- 2012 Maria Regina D. Gile My parents would always tell me how I dreamed of becoming a teacher in the future. I would usually be found holding a book and a pen, scribbling some notes and cutting off sheets of paper. A chalk and a board was my favourite, they would say, with matching pointing stick. I guess ever since, I find teachers so majestic and powerful and smart that made me want to be one. That was BEFORE not until now. Not today. I want to become a fashion designer, an interior designer, anything that has to do with the Arts. I love anything related to it.
Colours, pegs, pencils, paintbrushes, everything. That is what I want. But you see, not all that we want, we get. This is what I want but I’m taking up what I don’t want. BS Education. Well for one it’s because a lot of people look at it as a low profession. Second, monetarily speaking, it does not tantamount to all the works to be done and efforts exerted. And lastly, my patience level? Err. Below Average. I cannot tolerate slow learners, or mentally challenged ones, or whatever you call them. I just am not comfortable with that. But fate brought me here. God brought me here. Although hard to accept, I had to.
The first few years of me being an Education Student went quite well. I got high satisfactory grades, loved by teachers and gained friends. Everything was going well. I could get used to this, I thought to myself. Four years and I still haven’t shifted. Cool. And in my fourth year, the “total defining moment” has finally arrived; and that is to Practice Teaching- in an unfamiliar environment- just us- no back- up. Oh great, I thought. I better ready myself. I cannot back out! THIS IS A REQUIREMENT! I NEED TO DO IT IN ORDER TO GRADUATE! And so i did. I entered the room sheepishly with all eyes on me.

Not to mention the slight murmurs children made and slight laughs. Boom- boom- boom! My heart went. I was assigned to Grade 1 students. I can do this. So in the first few weeks, i observed and supervised classes but not really went to the act of teaching. Children would usually approach me, asking me to open their biscuits, punch straws on their juices and fix their belts. It felt good and that was quite odd. I never opened myself to this perspective. Days went on and I realized i have memorized their names in just a week. I would usually call out their names to tell them to keep quiet, to fall in line and to fix their things.
I’m lovin’ this i thought. What even made me realize i could be in this profession is when students started giving me cute little heart shaped papers telling me how much they love me and how beautiful i am. These kids really know how to appreciate every small little thing! My presence, they say, makes them feel safe and that they never want me to go away. Isn’t that sweet? Until finally i realized, i could be a teacher. I love kids, i love how they express their gratitude, i love the classroom setting! It makes me feel confident and safe and everything! And from that moment, i realized i wanted to become a Grade- school teacher.
Not because i am enforced in this course but because i want it. Yes, i want to become a teacher. My “realization” was even strengthened when i started teaching. At first i was extremely nervous and uneasy because i do not know what to expect. Will they listen to me? Will they learn from me? Can they adapt to my strategy? All of these questions kept running in my mind until one student approached me and gave me a hug. I needed that. I instantly felt at ease. It felt like home. So i went on. The night before my teaching, i practiced and prepared myself very well. From the motivation, presentation, lesson proper and all.
I didn’t want to fail. I need to impress my students, my critic teacher. So going back, when i started talking in front, i find myself getting more energetic and excited. i love talking and this profession allows me to maximize my mouth muscles! Great! The kids started listening attentively, actively participated and they are getting excited too! With this, i even thought, i am a great teacher! I can arouse their interest, they are listening and my critic teacher is smiling! It feels good and rewarding, honestly. All the things i have learned, i integrated, all the strategies taught, i applied and i said to myself this is gonna be fun!
And so, i always prepared lessons even two days before and thought of different ways to motivate my students. I injected humor in my discussions that made the class lively, games to challenge the students, and riddles and more. It was fulfilling to see those timid students before were actively reciting and are motivated by me. I got so attached to all of them easily, taking care of them as if my own children. They’re my little angels! And everyday i look forward to see them despite the tedious works and deadlines. I know that becoming a teacher isn’t easy. It requires a lot of patience and hard work and passion.
And i am thankful to God for bringing me here. If i didn’t give it a try, i wouldn’t have seen the beauty of this profession. Thanks to St. Paul too, for this practice teaching. It exposed me to an environment i would probably be dealing with for the rest of my life and through this Pauline Education, not only has it moulded me as a professional but a teacher with a heart and values. Finally, with the practice teaching i have experienced, it served as an eye- opener that becoming a teacher is not bad at all. It is a fulfilling profession not only academically or professionally but a food for the soul.


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