Health care Law

Requirements fir discussion 
1. Two to three paragraphs of not less than 10-15 sentences each discussing the board question. Use one paragraph to expand on the topic, use the second paragraph to present your position on this topic, and a third paragraph expanding on the conditions that should be reported according to your opinion. (60 points)
2. Ensure to address the 3 areas of the discussion.
2. You must comment on at least one other student discussion post. This response must contain not less than 10 sentences. (30 points)

There is an obligation that requires medical professionals to report certain illnesses and injuries to the appropriate authorities. This does not always include the obligation of the healthcare workers themselves to report their own communicable diseases. Do you think there are some medical or mental conditions that should prevent a person from working in a hospital or other medical setting? If so, what are they?
As you respond to your classmates, explain why you agree or disagree. Your conversation and/or debate should be kept professional in nature.
Please include the name of the person or question to which you are replying in the subject line. For example, “Tom’s response to Susan’s comment.”
Medical professionals are required to report illness or injuries in line with suspected abuse. This can be child abuse, elderly abuse or if a you suspect a crime has been committed. Child abuse and elderly abuse is mandatory reporting because children and the elderly many times can not help themselves. This can be difficulty to do sometimes without the care takers suspecting anything. If a medical professional suspects that a crime was committed then they are obligated to get law enforcement involved. An example in my own career was when a man walk into an ER that I had just transported a patient to with a gun shot wound about ten minutes after an argument turned into a shooting at the local community college library. The ER staff was required to contact law enforcement. Any suspicious injuries should be reported to the appropriate authorities. Additionally, Many illness need to be reported to various agencies. The hot one currently is COVID-19. If one is possibly identified then it needs to be reported to the CDC. 
Many temporary illness should keep a medical provider from working in a hospital until they are better. For example if a provider has a cold or the flu they should refrain from working until they are better. Providers work around many patients with weakened immune systems and exposing them to something like the flu will lead to much worse things illness for those patients. Mental issues should keep someone from working in a medical setting. Unfortunately, something like tourettes syndrome could cause someone to unintentionally to reveal protected medical information. Additionally, anyone with any mental illness should not work in the medical setting. There is a lot of trust put into a provider and someone who has severe mental illness will be too unstable or untrustworthy. A provider should be in the right state of mind to be giving medications or doing any kind of medical procedure. It may be a little discriminatory but there is a lot of liability in having someone with mental issues involved in patient care. 


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