Healthy Life

Healthy life is a very important thing in our lives. We should watch what we eat. We should look at the nutrition label whenever we buy food and drinks. The most important thing on healthy life is exercise. Living healthy is very relaxing.
The best thing to do if you want to live healthy is look at the nutrition label on anything you are eating. Look at how much calcium does the food has because it’s an essential nutrient to our body needs everyday and keeps our body run smoothly. Potassium give you strength and endurance that maintain higher level for a long time. Iron is the another best thing you should worry about because iron helps the blood transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissue cells where it is needed and if you don’t get the iron you need in future you will have problem. They are more good vitamins that you can eat for example “Multi-Vitamins” has everything you need for the whole day.
The most important thing about being healthy is exercise because it prevent you getting any type of diseases. There are a lot of things that help you when you exercises everyday. Your body improves stamina because you motivating yourself to work your body out more and you feel better about yourself. The most important thing I have notice is insomnia problem because your not active an you cant’t sleep right. When you work out and active an doing stuff insomnia goes away and you will get nice sleep. Exercising is very important to everyone lives.

Living a healthy and relaxing life is very important in our lives because you can live longer. If you don’t work out and be lazy and don’t worry about exercising your long term life will be in danger. Everyone should start exercising everything and trust me you will feel a different in your life.


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