History 2 pg.

 The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on how museums, galleries, or historical sites tell New Mexico’s history and its stories. Some of these places might emphasize certain interpretations and facts that they feel are important, while other place may highlight different aspects of the same event. Like stories, history is not objective: it is always told from a particular point of view.  With that in mind choose ONE online museum website focused on any aspect of New Mexican history, try looking for themes releated to your final paper or choose one of the websites listed below. Make sure you spend some time browsing through the website, click on the links.
Then provide a detailed response to the 3 following prompts:
 Write your responses in an essay format not as separate responses to each prompt:
1. Start by indicating what is the website about, You can address for instance: what type of issues is the website focusing on: social, political, visuals, etc… and/or which issues are left out, explain why this might be?  What do you think is the target audience? What are some strengths and shortcomings of this website? Are there any problems with this website, for instance, is it historically accurate? Take a look at the sources used for this website, what is gained or lost by relying on the sources listed and by not including other accounts? 
2. Secondly, what issues, information, documents, or evidence would you delete, edit, and/or add, and why are those revisions important, do they tell a different story, more accurate or focused on what aspects? How would these revisions improve this website?  
3. Finally, include a brief conclusion reflecting on what does the website tell us about the theme/topic/event it focuses on or how does it expand our understanding of such themes/topics? For example, if you only had the information provided by this website, what conclusion would you come to regarding the topic or issues it addresses?

Some Website links on New Mexico:Draw National Historic Landmark and Museum

New Mexico True  Click on places to go by trails, Native American, region, city, ghost towns, etc…
New Mexico Historic Sites
National Park Services- New Mexico
New Mexico History.org Multimedia
Santa Fe Museums- list of 14 museums, click on one of them
New Mexico Museum of Space History


 Also how does this read to you. Does this make you want to go visit? Did you find it interesting or boring? 
Should be MLA format and 2 pages


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