homework 1

 Submit 3 research questions pertaining to first-generation students’ transition to college and/or time during college
 Link to the film First Generation: http://gocollegenow.org/about-the-film/ (the full feature) Reflecting upon your notes and the film ‘First Generation,’ compose 3 (or more) research questions. Follow the guidelines for a good research question, as discussed in lecture. Your questions must represent at least two of the four types of research questions discussed in lecture. Please indicate which type is question represents. The four types for research questions are: 1. Different characteristics and outcomes – comparing how different conditions lead to distinct outcomes 2. Processes and predictives – looking at how things happen; looking at what events or conditions predict certain outcomes 3. Comparative – comparing one group to another or one place to another place 4. Between two theories – testing which of two theories is accurate This is an exercise; these are not the specific questions that you will be researching. Think freely without concern for whether you’ll be able to actually do the study and answer the question. 
 All assignments must be written in ASA format. A guide for that can be found here: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/using_research/formatting_in_s ociology_asa_style/manuscript_formatting.html 


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