Homework 4

Apa Style, References, not plagiarism. Make the assignment in Spanish.
  In relation to the circular flow in a free market economy, what are the two types of the market? Explain both markets.
           b. What is “GDP”?
           c. What are the two approaches or ways to calculate the gross national product?
           d. Based on the “GDP” expenditure approach, explain each of its components: C, I, G, X, Im. Explain what each component includes.
           and. Visit the website of the “US Bureau of Economic Analysis” http://www.bea.gov/ and obtain the following data for the year 2018 (total for the year). Compute the percent (%) that represents each component of the total.
                                 to. Total “GDP”
                                 b. Total consumption expenses (C)
                                 c. Government Expenditures (G)
                                 d. Total private domestic investment (I)
                                 and. Total exports (X)


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