How Globalization Affects My Life

Globalization is the process in which different countries interact and connect with one another. This could be done through the process of international trading, companies forming bonds and partnering with one another, people being brought from one country to the other, and so on and so forth. This is how ideas, produce, and even money is brought from one part of the world to another. Although, nowadays it is through the integration and introduction of information technology– the rate in which this process has undergone and has been accelerated.
With that, I think that the effects of what globalization personally has on me is mostly seen on my economic, socio-cultural, political, natural and environmental, and internet usage. Economic since globalization has helped businesses expand internationally and increase their sales whilst adding more branches to different countries. As a consumer, it has caused me to purchase more goods from those huge companies because of its reputation and convenience instead of going to small local shops for what I need. Although because of that, the amount of variety that we have is slowly decreasing as our country’s culture is dying.
Secondly, it affects me in a socio-cultural aspect since today we are heavily influenced by the spread of ideas, values, beliefs, and practices coming from different countries. We can see the amount of impact that this has on us in the media such as tv shows and movies as well as in social media networking sites. It has changed our lifestyle, food and dress habits, and even our views on certain topics due to the influence that other cultures have on us. Thirdly, it affects me as part of the people in the political aspect since political globalization forms transnational governing bodies such as the United Nations and other economic activities.

This allows the people to obtain financial support and international aid. Fourth, it indirectly affects me in the natural and environmental aspect since the institutions or organizations concerned with the environmental management practices are the ones that are in charge of the economic development of the country. Lastly, the use of the internet has affected me by changing or altering my views on certain issues due to the information that I read or people that I talk to online.
All in all, globalization has had a huge impact on society as a whole and as individuals in the past couple of years. It has allowed us to view, interact, think, and even analyze situations or problems in a different manner. It has influenced the people to change and “blend in” with different people coming from numerous countries and cultures to better understand each other. It helps us open up to explore new worlds and gives us significantly more economic and financial opportunities to choose from.


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