How important is Digital Marketing for your Business:


I. Introduction

General Topic: Global E-Commerce
Area of Focus: (whatever topic you decide to use)
Key Terms:  important concepts and main assertions of the chosen management theory

-Thesis Statement: Main idea of the paper (reiterate the general topic and area of focus and your interpretation of the idea/theory)

II. Background

Historical Overview
Current Link between the different Management techniques associated with the theory
Gaps in the Research: trends and current research findings that have already been discovered

III. Major Points
A. Major Point 1
-supporting details and justification
B. Major Point 2
-supporting details and justification
C. Major Point 3
-supporting details and justification

IV. Conclusion

Restatement of Thesis: readdress the theme or main idea of your paper
Managerial Implications: Talk about what this theory/topic means to Global E commerce overall. Explain how this theory/idea/topic is useful in the real world. Talk about how it is used in businesses today
Next Steps: Talk about some things that could be done to improve the theory in the future


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