How to Invest Money

The money is not the most important thing in life, but sometimes is really necessary, how to spend it sometimes could be a difficult work, some people are great spenders, others spend the money carefully, but in life, we always have the necessity to spend it, in a lot of difference ways, in my case, i am not a big spender, I am a thrifty person, i take a lot of care in how I spend my money, because in fact, i do not work yet, it is my parents money so i have to think a lot of how i use it.
I always try to save money for the future, we all never know when we would need it, in this moment of my life I spend the majority of my money in clothes, shoes, make up, food and things like that but all the time i am looking for supplies and discounts because i think i a very smart way to save money. I do not like to buy a lot of things, i prefer to use my money in traveling, going out with my friends and family, knowing new places or doing interesting things, because the material things are gonna stand with you just for a while, but memories are forever. If I win the lottery, I will do a lot of things.
First of all I will put all the money in a bank account, and hire someone who helps me to manage my money, the i will discuss with my parents how to spend all that money because i know the have a lot of experience and will give me the best advice. I will by a beautiful house at the beach, with a big pool, in which i can invite all my family and friends and have fun, and another important thing, i will travel all the world!!! , know the most beautiful places in the world, France, England, Australia, etc, learn about their cultures and history, and make one of my dreams came true, go to the snow.

I think that a smart way to spend money is to invest, so i will invest in properties, etc. Another thing I would do with all that money would be have my own business, buy a big house for my parents at the mountains, a study in a great University. In fact if i have more money left, i will use it all in charities, and to help people in all over the world, like orphaned children, help hospitals, poor people, etc, and of course help my best friends. I think the money is always going to be necessary but we decide how to make it important in our lives.


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