How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle

How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle in Your Everyday Living. Amethyst K. Oliver Baker College of Clinton Township Composition I Andrea Nienstedt How to Overcome a Challenging Obstacle in Your Everyday Living. Overcoming a struggle is normal for everyone. People should not be ashamed of what they are not good at; we have to look at the fact that each individual is not going to become good at anything so easily like we want it to be. It is always good for a person that wants to really learn something they believe they will be become stronger at.
It takes take time and patience. I personally believe for the individuals that are the ones that can’t accept the fact when someone makes a mistake they are not understandable. Dealing with difficult people is very common in life, sometimes we have to figure out and understand the ones who tries to criticize others-what makes them behave the way they do. I think being assertive is always the right thing to do. I’m going to discuss what Sedaris’s obstacles in this essay were and also discuss more about my few obstacles that was related to Sedaris, personally.
Reading what David Sedaris was going through in the essay he wrote, called “Me Talk Pretty One Day,” the one thing I can relate to that is that I know how it definitely feels to think that you are so alone in a new environment redundant. Personally, I went to two different high schools and I was afraid of meeting new people at first; I was never used to switching schools. I had always stayed at the same school, but I had realized in the near future I would had to face up my fears and socialize with different individuals, different ethnicities.

At my last high school, I felt so alone. Everyone at the school had their own “cliques;” I was always to myself, from the time I started there until the time I was finished. I would try to socialize with some of the people, but I would have this thought that they probably weren’t going to like me. Honestly, there were some people that I kind of wanted to hang around with but they were too stuck-up. I told myself I would never try to please other people if they don’t want to become my “friend. ” Sedaris went to a school in France just to learn and experience a new language: French.
When he arrived, he was sadly stuck with a teacher who was abusive and said nasty things to him and other individuals. All of the things that she was saying were frustrating him; he tried to not let her vicious words get to him. He thought he was all alone, in this crazy teacher’s world, when one day he came in to see everyone huddled together talking a language to each other. In addition to that, close to the end of the essay he was finally able about to speak their language just because of the contention that happened in the classroom between his teacher and one of his classmates.
I’ve learned from the Golden Rule: “Treat others the way you want to be treated, respect is earned not given. ” Basically what this verse in my own personal experience that I’ve dealt with in my life as I am going to explain about is if there was something that I did not know how to do but another individual doesn’t respect nor understand you are learning something for the first time and they judge you so bad just because my learning skills were different than theirs, they don’t understand the true meaning of fairness.
The importance of everyone is not always going to be talented at every single thing, which that does not make them a bad person. Whenever I start learning something that is new to me I always ask someone to help me get through it most will always give back and help me with what they need to do, and majority may not. For the people that would criticize I will not be able to succeed and make it out here in this life. I’ve learned that sometimes it can be hard not letting things get into you, but in order to become stronger you have to believe in yourself and think about the outcomes into figuring out, “What If? Most importantly, collaboration is very important. The more you and that individual collaborate the better you will be as far as reaching for success. Generally speaking, learning a whole new different language is not easy; there are so many concepts to learning a new language for many individuals to understand. Although, learning how to speak a foreign language that interests you is extremely important. You do not have to pay money or travel just to learn a foreign language, where if you go to school and they have a teacher who teaches one of the many foreign languages for free.
When practicing on becoming better at learning a foreign language, there are different aspects into learning a whole new language, which includes with the grammar and pronunciation (the two important ones in composition. ) The pronunciation can become the bigger problem; it can be so hard to pronounce something that is new to you. “You exhaust with your foolishness and reward my efforts with nothing but pain; do you understand me (Sedaris, 2000)? ” What Sedaris meant by that is he was tired of what this rude teacher had said to him, it was time for him defend what was right and let it continue. I know the thing that you speak exact now. Talk me more, you, plus, please, plus (Sedaris, 2000). ” Two of the quotes in Sedaris’s essay, he meant was that he finally understood the language from after all the chaos and commotion that was going in the classroom and he told that teacher if she has something to say to him say it again. He wasn’t afraid to speak what was on his mind. Those were the two major quotes in Sedaris essay that really moved me and it made me realized with he was emotionally suffering with his deceiving teacher.
He was proving his fact toward the teacher and he wasn’t going have her believe that he couldn’t speak out his “true feelings. ” In this essay I’ve read, I believed that Sedaris is a hard worker that is trying his best to accomplish what he was trying to do. I believe that this teacher wanted everyone to get better at the language she was teaching but in my opinion she has to understand that everyone’s person learning skills are way different than others.
Similarly, Sedaris and I had one issue in common and that was feeling like you are all alone in this world but really it does feel that way whenever you are at a new environment. Differences are not good or bad, but it is good to accept the fact that people do things differently is the first step to understanding what how they learn differently and with whom they truly are. Be willing to try new things and avoid criticizing others and not let him or her underestimate your abilities. Reference: Sedaris, D (2000) Me Talk Pretty One Day. Me Talk Pretty One Day (pp. 166-173) New York: Little, Brown.


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