Hum week vocabulary quiz

Dogma A system of doctrines offered by some religions. It is proclaimed and accepted as true specific answers to the religion it is being offered for. 9. Monotheistic Is not a believer in unseen reality but can be spiritual without labeling themselves a certain religion. 10. Transcendent The belief that a greater power exists outside the material universe. 11. Incarnations The living embodying the divine or spirit. 12. Soul The spiritual part of the body that exist separately form the physical body. 13. Atheism
The belief that there Is no god because no proof exist. 14. Agnosticism The belief that humans cannot be able to know the existence of a higher power. 15. Rituals The repeated actions by people or groups. Some religion rituals are dancing, singing, reciting prayers and sharing food to symbolize spirituality. 16. Symbols A borrowed image that represents some form of a spiritual experience. 17. Myths Symbolic stories that used for explanations for with in the universe. 18. Orthodox Abiding to a particular form of religion by practicing established traditions. 19. Rotationally of charisma
The Institutionalizing of religion that can damage the Inspiration of religion. 20. Absolutists Believe In traditional forms of religions as being true and unchangeable. 21 . Charisma 22. Fundamentalism Emphasizes on what form one perceives as historical in religion. 23. Phenomenology Analyzing religion practices to better understand their purpose. 24. Liberal Take a flexible and unpredicted approach to interpreting religion traditions. 25. Mysticism To believe the truth despite human belief because it was perceived directly by experience. 26. Sacred The realm of extraordinary which lies the source of the universe and its value.


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