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Air Partner plc is the world’s largest commercial aircraft charter company having 23 offices around 15 countries. Along with its subsidiaries, is mainly occupied in other private aviation services to a variety of clients and aircraft charter brokering. The Company’s mainly provide services in Private Jets, Freight, Commercial Jets, and Other. Clients are mainly from three markets: Private (HNW) individuals, Corporate and Governments. Some of its entirely owned subsidiaries including Air Partner Switzerland AG; Air Partner International GmbH; Air Partner Travel Consultants Limited; Air Partner Inc; and Air Partner Srl .
During July 2007, the company acquired Gold Air International Limited (which was renamed Air Partner Private Jet Limited). For the six months ended 31 January 2008. The revenues increased by 21% to i?? 109. 4M and net income increased by 12% to i?? 2. 6M. Revenue reflects increased sales from the Private Jets and Commercial Jets segments. Net income was in some measure balanced by higher cost of sales, increased interest expenses, higher taxation expenses and decreased income from USA market. It is an air charter broker.
Listed on the London Stock Exchange, Air Partner is the single aviation company with a Royal Warrant granted by HM Queen Elizabeth Risk & Dividend 2. 2 Arriva Plc: 2. 21 Capital Growth: Providing services in 10 countries across Europe, the company is also operating the transport service in London under the contract with Transport of London and outside the city with more than 5000 buses, it mainly runs commercial business.

It mainly operates three divisions in UK buses, UK trains and mainland Europe. The company commenced the operation of Cross Country UK rail franchise on November, 2007, which was awarded in July, 2007 and which will run until March, 2016. The revenue for the company increased by 16% to i?? 2B, for the year ended 31 December 2007. Net income raised by 5% to i?? 86. 4M from continuing operations. Revenues are reflecting increased revenues from the UK Trains, Mainland Europe and UK buses business segments.
Net income was partially offset by higher net operating expenses containing higher finance lease charges, and increase in cost of capital. Sutton Harbour Holdings plc operates and owns the harbor and its subsidiaries. The Company is primarily engaged in the renewal and development in the South West of England region, provision of transport and related facilities and the airline operation. It is operating in 3 business areas: transport, regeneration and marine activities.
The Company is a proprietor within the harbor locality with tenants, including South West regional development agency, numerous pub chain operators, various government ministries, and the national marine aquarium. It provides supplementary services to airlines and aircraft users. The Company also operates and owns Plymouth fish market and provides services to commercial fisherman. Revenues were increased by 6% to i?? 17. 6M for the 6 months ended 30 September 2007. Net income went down by 45% to i?? 1. 7M. Revenues showing the higher sales obtained from transport division.
Net income offset by increase in administration expenses, decrease in other operating income, the lack of fair value adjustment of investment property, increase in operating expense and higher share of loss associates. 3 Analysis of Companies Yields & P/E ratio: P/E Ratio is a calculation of the price paid for a share relative to the annual income or profit of the firm per share. The higher the ratio the higher the amount paid for each share. P/E Ratio = Market Value per Share Earnings per Share EPS = Net Income – Dividend on Preferred Stock
Average Out Standing Shares The yield ratio is the return on the investment received in the form of interest or dividend based on the investment cost and calculated on the current market price or its face value. High growth companies lean to have higher dividend yield, growth-leaning companies tend to have lower ones, and most small growing companies don’t have a dividend yield because they don’t pay out dividends. Yield Ratio = Recent full-year dividend Market Value per Share P/E RATIO YIELD RATIO Source: digital look. com
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