Using this link to The Model Framework for the Dissertation, review each element of the dissertation and its description. Open the link and save the Word document, because you will be filling in the last column of the Framework table for this assignment.  You will learn more about the Title, Problem, Purpose, Research Question, Conceptual Framework, and Methodology components at Symposium I. The Doctoral Symposium Faculty will assist you in the different workshops on each of these components of the dissertation. The remaining components will be addressed at Symposium II.  For this assignment, you need to go to the SYMP801 tab of the Doctoral Resource Center and review the documents found there. You do not need to read through the entire document, but you will use your review to describe what the document is about for each component of the dissertation and put that description into the blank column in the Model Framework for the Dissertation document (see link above), in the Resource Center under the SYMP801 tab, review the following documents: 1.Determining the Feasibility of your Research Title  2.Prospectus Template  3.Proposal/Dissertation Rubric and Guidelines  4.Creating the Foundation of Your Dissertation  5.Mastering the Literature  6.Developing the Literature Review  7.The Conceptual Framework  8.Developing your Conceptual Framework  9.The Research Cycle   Provide 2–3 sentences describing each of these documents so that you are aware of the content of these documents before attending Symposium I. Insert these sentences into the appropriate component description boxes (third column) of Part I – The Model Framework for the Dissertation.   You now have the preparatory information for each of the 6 component areas of Part I – The Model Framework for the Dissertation, which will be addressed at Symposium I.  Please submit your Part I – The Model Framework for the Dissertation. You only need to upload the Word document table that is the Framework with the last column filled in.


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