Assignment Details
Part I 
EndNote is the software tool provided by  to help you store and organize bibliographic references both on your computer and online and will assist you in developing an annotated bibliography. By now, you should have downloaded EndNote. If you need assistance with downloading EndNote, please contact Technical Support.
For Part I of this assignment, you must provide screenshots of the steps you followed to retrieve EndNote, and you must put a caption under each screenshot to illustrate how you retrieved it. You will use EndNote throughout your library research to manage all of the references that you find and to manage your annotated bibliography and literature review. You will demonstrate the use of EndNote in this course.
Part II 
Use the CTU Library to research the topic of interest that you selected in this unit’s Discussion Board. Identify 4 articles, and then complete the following in a Word document: 

Provide a      screenshot of the first page of each of the articles from your Library      search.  
Provide a      paragraph summary of each article you chose, and write it under the      screenshot.  
Based on      the CTU Librarian’s presentation, outline how you found each article and      why you selected it.  
List your      references using APA format, and include the URL or DOI for each      article.  
Submit      your IP assignment.


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