ISSC660# You have to write 2 paper week 2

  You have to write 2 paper 
Find the attachment for book and chapter 2 

                                                 First paper Instruction bellow

Topic: Discuss a practical example of System Engineering

            Write a 500 word essay paper that discusses the topic below.  Your paper should be in APA format with viable sources to solidify your thoughts presented.  Your references must not be more than 5 years old and no more than one entity source and no more than one N.D source.  Wikipedia is not considered a valid source.  All references listed on the reference page must have a valid in text citation in the body of the paper.  This essay must be consistent with graduate level work.  You are strongly encouraged view the tips in the writing center to ensure your papers are properly formatted.

                                                    Second paper Instruction bellow
As the demand for systems and applications continue to grow, organizations are striving to get things correct the first time as barriers are high and alternatives are plentiful.  Review the elements systems engineering discussed in Chapter 2 and select the most critical element and one you see commonly overlooked. Write a 300 word.


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