It was the worst thunderstorm in 36 years

Wednesday night, 9th October 2002. It was the worst thunderstorm in 36 years. The rain was like stones hammering onto you from the pitch-black sky. Long streaks of bright lightning were jumping from the sky. A few seconds after each bright light there was a gigantic roar, like a furious lion. The weather was wet, cold, dull, dark and miserable with horrendous winds, travelling at the speed of a cheetah. There were two boys. Andy was quite tall and skinny with short blonde hair. He had legs like long twigs and hands the size of a giants, but very brittle.
The other boy, Paul, was big and obese. He was built like a tank. His fists were like big balls of steel. But he was very shy. Andy and Paul were walking home through the fields. It was dark and windy. Paul pulled out a torch. He turned it on, but all it gave out was a dull light that kept flashing on and off every time lightning strikes. Andy started to get scared and he walked faster and faster. Paul was dragging his big heavy feet though the wet muddy grass. Andy started to run but they were getting no where.
Paul was dragging behind and was having problems keeping up with Paul. Andy looked behind him and saw Paul in the distance. So Andy shouted “hurry up Paul, we gotta get outa here”. So Andy slowed down and waited until Paul caught up with him. Then continued running. Andy shouts, “I can see a house”. So they both started to run towards the house. They both stop. Every thing is silent. Paul and Andy walk towards the front door. Paul nocks on the door and it opened. Nobody was in the house. Andy said, “is any body in”.

Nobody answered so they both carefully walk in the house. There was not a bit of dust in the house. Paul and Andy hung up there soaking wet coats on a hanger and closed the door. The house was bright and warm. The two boys walked into the living room, which was straight in front of them. In the living room the fire was lit and there was stuffed animals every where. There was a huge old wooden staircase. They decided to sit down on the big black leather sofa. They sat down for a while. Paul quietly said, “let’s go up stairs”.
So they both went up stairs. They got to the top of the stairs and went to open one of the doors in front of them. The lights started flicking on and off. Andy started shaking. All of a sudden the house went cold. Paul opened the door. A body fell from behind the door. Both of the boys jumped back. The front door creaked open and then slammed closed. A deep mans voice yelled up the stairs, “who the hell is in my house”. The man ran up stairs with a dead squirrel in one hand and an axe in the other. The boys were so scared that they could not move.


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