Leadership Communication Narrative Essay

With each volunteer I ensure that I am able to cater for each person’s individual needs by ensuring there is structure for those who have Learning difficulties ii peeping to times, easy read information, clear verbal information in meetings and in writing. Ensuring that only one person is talking at one time so not to confuse anyone and to prevent too much nose for those with environmental sensory difficulties. Easy read minutes are taken at each team meeting and at support sessions.
Staff information is kept in a locked filing cabinet in Rose Buddies, there is information stored on my USB which is locked and I have a second back up storage device in the safe in Rose Buddies. Communication book, notice board, diary, staff planner, handovers Members- to ensure ACH member is kept informed in different ways to suit their needs. We ensure that if a member has a preference with how we communicate with it is to suit their needs; these are easy read posters, newsletters by post, text message, email, faceable, phone call, letter this information is to promote our services to each member.
Members details are kept in a locked filing cabinet the key is then stored in a locked draw or myself and Denies Dixon holds a key. Each member has a file note folder on my laptop and on a lockable storage devise held in the safe. I steering group meetings every 12 seeks, we have a chair minute taker and time keeper for each meeting these are all people who have additional needs. These meetings are to ensure the service is running to meet the needs of its users, they decide what activities, events, social events, workshops etc we run throughout the year.

Before each meeting we agree that anything we discuss is confidential and should not be discussed without anyone’s permission. Notices, planner, diary, Social workers, Gap’s, Community nurses, Tot’s, etc – most of my communication is through restricted emails and phone calls and is redecoration referrals. I have strategy meetings about new members to ensure we have a clear understanding of the support they require. As an organization we are required respect confidentiality and have a good understanding of the company’s Data protection policy. I use initials, where possible, when I am communication with external stakeholders.
Any emails receive are saved into the members file, if there are any actions required I fill in this section of the members file note. Police and Community Wardens – The communication have is predominantly verbal, I always ensure that this s recorded in the members file note and any actions are recorded. Council employees work and pensions employees – The communication I have with these organizations are when we provide support to Rose Buddies members, this can be verbal or written. This is recorded in the telephone log book or in the members file note.
Local stakeholders – The communication I have with our local stakeholders Include Waking Learning Disability Partnership Board, CLASP (self advocacy group) support Horizons (Social enterprise) Transform (housing support) Bradbury Community Centre, Day Services I communicate verbally or written. If it involves members this is documented in their file notes or If I am working on a joint project this is documented through our publicity material ii where, when, who attended and feedback forms. 2. What types of barriers and challenges do you come across in your line of working and how do you overcome these challenges? 1. 3 & 1. 4) The barriers I have faced are: Due to supporting vulnerable adults we communicate with parent/ careers on a regular basis. Have found that on a number of occasions when parents are attending events with Rose Buddies members they will speck on behalf of our embers and not give them the opportunity to speck for themselves, to overcome this barrier I give eye contact and use the members name when I’m directly specking to them, I have found this empowers and gives them the confidence to speck back and answer for themselves.
Parents/careers respond positively and its enables those to see that there child can speck independently if given the opportunity. When supporting Adults who have Learning Disabilities they find it difficult to process and retain information we are providing, to over come these barriers we use direct, clear, non jargon, easy read material, weather it be verbal, Ritter or through the use of video, pictures, posters etc. O ensure that we communicate well with Rose Buddies members we hold steering group meetings with members who help to lead the service to suit the needs of its users, at these meetings we receive feedback from them about how we can communicate better with all our members. Due to the way the service run I. E. We support 140+ members to live independent fulfilling lives, providing sessions in the community these include: Cooking skills, workshops, social events, courses, allotments, crafts sessions, gym sessions and walking groups.
Staff and volunteers predominantly loan work and may be see each other for a number of days, it came to my attention that there was no formal way of a hand over or if information needed to be shared. This prompted me to hold a team meeting about how we could communicate better with each other. We now have a system for each member of the team contacts the office to let me know that the session has finish and if there is anything that needs to be passed on, this is the recorded the message book or in the client file. I am due to hold a team meeting on 25th Feb. 2014, for a review. 3.
Talk about a situation where you have reviewed a particular communication method in your workplace, how you have proposed improvements to this method and how you have monitored its effectiveness after implementing the changes. (age new care plan review system, implementation of a new service user monthly meeting). (2. 1 – 2. 4) In the service I manage for Creative Support, we are expected to provide the local authority records for monitoring as they provide funding to the prevention service, the service is due to be re-tendered and I have needed to provide monitoring records involving the service over the last year.
Information that has been required were – Numbers visiting the Drop-in, Numbers (signing in book) attending our activities (attendance list), number of members requiring telephone support (call log) etc this information is stored in different formats and the Council required this to be put into one report. Found this very time consuming as we provide support to over 130 members with one full time (me) one part time member of staff and 8 regular volunteers.
I decided this service needed to set up a system that would include all the relevant monitoring information that could be sent to the Council commissioning am. When visiting Head office I remember seeing a system on excel that would meet my requirements. In my supervision with my line manager mentioned the difficulties I was having providing all this information, and that remembered seeing this excel document, my manager know the document I was talking about and would be able to help me set this up, we arranged a time for her to visit my project to set this document up to meet our needs.
This document is now in place and provides me with all the information that is required for monitoring. This document saves time as I am no longer squired to be contacted on a number of occasions as all the information is in one place; this system is far more efficient. 4. Talk about how you have reviewed the communication methods that you have been using with those you work in partnership** (egg doctors, social services, pharmacists etc) and how you have improved the communication methods that you use with them.
You must compare the different methods and how effective (or not) these methods have been, or are. (3. 1 – 3. 3) Rose Buddies has over 140 members and ensuring that we are able to promote all the activities in the past Rose Buddies would send all resplendence through post this was a very expensive. At one of the steering group meetings we asked our members how we could improve the way we communicate with our members and let them know what we are up too.
A number of them thought that Faceable would be a good way, many of Rose Buddies members use Faceable, I decided that a survey to find out how people would like to find out about what we are doing, would ensure that We are meeting the needs of our members, from this survey I Was able to indemnify that some members would like to still receive information through he post, some on Faceable, some by text message and others by coming in to see us as the could not read the content.
We now have a more diverse way of communicating and a greater number of members attending our activities. The Rose Buddies team work out in the community supporting members, all our where bout’s was recorded in a diary that is kept on the desk. I felt that we needed to have more visual way of being able to see where and what was happening as the Drop-in can become very busy and nosy, and members like to know where, what, when and who is organizing sessions. Team members ND Rose Buddies members can now look at the big board to know who and where activities are taking place.
I have found that as a team we have a better way of knowing who is where and members feel more included about what’s happening in the service. Rose Buddies hold a lot of information about wars happening in the local area this includes health services, what’s going on, events, training, courses, news and general information, most of this information are posters which cover most of the walls in Rose Buddies, I felt that there was so much information that members found it hard to know what they were looking for ND would be discouraged when seeking information independently.
To promote independence I felt we needed to improve the way we organism our information to members, I have now used visual signs and pictures to section each topic, this provide members with a visual tool to seek information that is relevant to them and members are now able to access the information more independently. 5. You receive a telephone call from a family member of one of your service users who asks for details of the doctor’s visit that took place earlier in the day.
Explain what the legal responsibilities there are for maintaining infallibility and sharing information (you must explain the different pieces of legislation and the ICQ/CASSIS requirements). (4. 1) I would ask the caller to provide me with the service users name, date of birth and address to ensure I am not disclosing information about an incorrect person and I would also ask the caller for their name, DOBB and address to ensure they are who they say they are.
When making my decision on what information provide, I would consider Creative Supports policies and a number of legislative documents and department of health guidelines that are relevant to confidentiality and access to information or records. The most significant are the Data Protection act 1998, Confidentiality code of practice Human Rights act 2000, Freedom of information act 2000, Public records act 1 958, every employee has a personal common law duty of confidentiality to service users and to Creative Support. Some staff are also bound by professional codes of conduct which relate in part to confidentiality.
Creative Support adhere to the Coalition principles which aim to share the minimum information necessary to provide safe care or satisfy other purposes, these principles include: Justify the purpose of the discloser Not using identifiable service user information unless absolutely necessary, and where required, using the minimum necessary Ensuring that access to service user information is on a strictly need to know basis Ensuring all staff are aware of their responsibilities understanding and complying with the law.
Since all information divulged must be treated with respect, it is important to establish with the client if this information may be passed on to anyone else. Wherever possible, permission to share information must be sought from the individual client concerned. The confidentiality policy is outlined and explained as an important part of the introduction training received by all members of staff. This is further reinforced through supervision, training, team meetings, performance appraisal and other methods.


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