Leadership concept

Nurses are self directed and can solve even the most complex problems with proper leadership and commitment in their practice. It is important for a nurse to work in a cohesive and strong nursing team, as this result in to an effective delivery of client care. In building this empowered nursing team, it is all attributed to the nurse executive.
A nurse executive often holds the title of the vice president or is the director. The executive’s position within an organization is critical in uniting the strategic direction of the organization with the philosophical values and goals of nursing. The nurse executive is a clinical leader and business leader in organization, the person responsible and concerned with maximizing quality care and cost effectiveness.
The most important responsibility of the nurse executive is to establish a vision for nursing the lays groundwork which enables the managers and staff to provide quality care. This forms the essence and value of the nursing care and is the foundation of quality practiced nursing administration. It is important for the nurse executive, as leader to expand his or her role from collaboration, coaching, monitoring, communicating, coordinating and coinciding with the staffs and other related health care providers.

A nurse executive must serve as the role model that exemplifies the mission and vision of the organization. It is important that the values are diversified and promoted by the nurse executive in order to have a culturally competitive group of health care workers. As a leader, is open to change that would help innovate the staffs and promote creativity which will improve the quality of care they are providing.
It is important that she or he demonstrates a sound judgment regarding the decisions and regulation that is formulated in the administration, these should be within the scope of the staffs and as well as coincide to the patients. It is important that as a leader he or she would be able to facilitate the designed delivery of care that is suited with the needs of the patient. The nurse leader should be able to make a strong connection with the group in order to unit the group with one aim: to provide the best quality care to patient in line with the cost effectiveness that is inline with treatment.
It is important that the nurse executive delegate the tasks appropriately to the staff in order for them to function accordingly. In most cases, failed relationship with the nurse executive and the staff is one of the reasons why health care services are unmanageable.
It is important that the nurse executive and the nurse manager to support each other in order to establish the necessary management structure that would help in attaining the organizational goals and provide the appropriate support to the care delivery staff. Within this created connection of the executives, staffs and members of the health groups it would create an environment that nursing practice would thrive. Involvement of staff is beneficial because with the participation of each member it would help incorporate the knowledge and skills into one.
This relationship that is formed within the structure of the nursing administration is important because it is the one that determines the role’s and task of the members. Some tasks are carried out personally by the nurse executive but it is important that she is still able to delegate tasks to its member.
The leader should be able to interact. Through this interaction, relationships are built and this would be dependent on the tasks that will be formulated by the role holder. This relationship building is the foundation of trust on the members of the organization which is beneficial in carrying out the tasks needed. Each member of the health organization should be entitled to give their perceptions and understanding regarding the current health administration and in turn as the nurse executive she or he should be able to accumulate this and present a substantial form of management.
Rosemarie Rizzo Parse’s “human becoming theory” abides with three themes: meaning, rhythmicity, and transcendence. The first theme is “meaning” which means that people participate in creating something if it is real for them through their self expression and the values that they have. As a nurse executive, she or he must be able to consider the values and individual perceptions of the members of the team. With this she would be able to understand them and in turn would be able to recognize the needs and improvements.
The culture and climate is often the key to how the members will be able to act accordingly. The culture is the routines, rules and how they do things that have been past on by the past and former leaders. The climate on the other hand is the perceptions and behavior of the members. This influences individual and team motivation that is why it is important that the nurse executive to do things according to the values attributes, skills and priorities which would also consider the ethical rights. It is important that the behavior of the leader is well founded with this so she would be able to have her staffs involvement and they in turn with participate to what she asks them to do.
The second theme is “rhythmicity” which means that the self can limit or set the opportunity that emerges which can either be a way of moving or being apart from others. The nurse executive should know when or which opportunity to grab. These opportunities should be with the scope of its members and should also be within the patients needs. The concern should be base on the people in which he or she is in control of.
The nurse executive cannot have a one way approach of addressing the needs of the administration because it may not coincide with the needs and understanding of the staffs, it is better that they are both able to acknowledge their concerning by having two way system. The executive listen to the ideas of the members as the members do the same with regards to the ideas of the executive.
The third theme is “transcendence” which means that one must be able to cope up with the changes that are on going and would be able to stand out in it. A nurse executive should be open to change and is open for improvements whether it is regarding the attitudes and behavior or the organizational structure of the administration. She or he as well should be open for this change because in order for her to be an effective leader the change should start from her in order for her members to that too.
Decentralized management is the type of structure that enables the nurse executive to have a greater collaborative effort, increased competency of the staff and ultimately a greater sense of professional accomplishment and satisfaction. The decision making is move by the nurse executive to the manager going to the staff. It is important that as a nurse executive she or he would be able to voice out the concern of his or her member in order to have a centralized decision making.
The nursing administration is very much dependent on the roles of this nurses that is why the role of the nurse as an advocate is important in order to motivate the staffs and involve them to health care innovations that would help improve the quality of nursing care.
As a leader it is important that she would be able to identify the process that needs to be improved. Set her vision and mission that her members could be able to understand, and she could easily facilitate on. In order for them to act she should be able to provide the needed materials and methods in order to carry out the tasks and solve problems.
As a leader she should be able not only to carry out the task but carry it out on herself as well, a good leader knows and shows how things could be done. It is important that despite the hardships and differences each one has a good leader and advocate of health should encourage her members in promoting and improving the quality of health care delivery.
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