Leadership Paper

The assigned readings and class discussions in weeks 8-11 of our Approaches to Leadership course have addressed a wide range of subjects, such as organizational leadership, ethical leadership, crisis leadership, servant leadership, and leadership development. As an emerging expert on leadership-communication connections, you are highly sought after for your expertise in this area. Based on the readings and class discussions for Weeks 8-11, what are your top five recommendations for the new leader of an organization? These five recommendations should be thoughtful, substantive, and directly connected to the course readings from weeks 8-11. The entire submission should be approximately 500-700 words. Finally, please be sure to appropriately cite any direct quotes from the course readings.  
An “A” exam will provide very clear connections to the core concepts from our recent class discussions/readings. “A” exams will be written clearly and will avoid grammatical/spelling errors. Finally, the recommendations in an “A” exam will be thoughtful, realistic, and reflective of your careful reading and understanding of the course content.


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