Learned Skills in Written Communication Class

1) One of my favorite parts of this class was the confusing words. I loved to be able to look them up and discover which words meant what. This skill will help me along the way of my career because I learned that when I am unsure about something I can look it up and not feel bad that I do not know the meaning because our English language is very confusing.
2) I also learned how to properly write letters and emails in business settings. I will keep a copy of the samples so I know how much white space goes where. I also learned that I need to use black or blue ink and it has to be professional blue or black.
3) I am also really interested in learning more about business etiquette in different regions. I was very impressed with the different ways that different countries used the hand shake. I was also intrigued with the fact that women are allowed in business but in some countries they have to still be ‘under’ men.

4) The ‘you’ view was an interesting section to me as well because I never would have realized the difference in the views. The ‘you’ view is so much nicer to explain something to someone it makes them feel important and like they mean something to the person writing to them.
5) The other skill I learned and am continuing to learn is editing. I like the bookmark that shows me how to correctly mark what is incorrect. I am getting better at finding what words are placed wrong and the misspelled words but and still struggling with how the prepositional phrases work.
6) I think the most difficult part of written communication for me was the editing which is why I am stating that I am still learning it. I am trying to figure out what words belong where and where to place commas or other marks.
7) I believe the easiest part for me was the confusing words. I felt this was the easiest because I really like to look up what I do not know. I am always in the mood to learn new words and always love to teach my children new and bigger words. I get a kick out of the fact my ten year old walks around telling people she loves to read the Amelia Bedilia books because there are so many idioms in them.
8) Two future uses I believe I will use are the confusing words. That I will use so I can remember to look up what I do not know and not feel bad that I have to look anything up. The second thing I believe I will use is the lists I was very interested on learning these; I believe I will use them in school and in work. I will be making proposals and writing letters to people that will need to explain things with lists.


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