Lessons from Invictus

Invictus: Lessons about Leadership The movie Invictus provides a plethora of lessons about good leadership. First, the movie teaches us about how a good leader leads by example. This is because he/she know how important it is to people look up to them. An example set by the leader helps to drive people ahead when they see that what they are being told to do is in fact possible. The second lesson that the movie teaches about leadership is that a leader does not delve in to the self-serving act of revenge. This is because he/she recognize that the needs of the many must come before his.
The third lesson is that a leader has a lot of belief in the goodness of others. He/she truly believe that given a fair chance people can reform and turn for the good. The forth lesson that the movie teaches us is that a leader must have a lot of self-belief. As a result when faced with adversity a leader will never back down. In fact he/she will further strengthen their resolve a push forward even harder. The fifth lesson is that a leader know that he/she can alone work towards the fulfillment of the vision. Thus, when the need arises, a leader learns to trust the abilities of those who work for him by delegating.
The sixth lesson that the movie teaches us is that a good leader give due importance to every one of his followers, no matter how seemingly small their role might be. This is because he/she know that every little bit matters and thus each individual must be give respect. The seventh lesson is that a leader must combine his /her vision with action as the leader realizes that a vision without it is impotent. The eight lesson the movie teaches is that a leader has a very clear vision about where he/she wants to go.

This results in high self-belief and at times results in leaps of faith, when the situation demands it. The ninth lesson that the movie teaches us is that a leader is humble both in victory and defeat. This is particularly true in victory where he/she never claims the victory for him/her self but rather a victory for all. The final lesson that I have learned from this movie is that a true leader is truly passionate about his/her vision. Thus a leader is all about self-sacrifice for the fulfillment of his/her goals, despite all odds and adversities.


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