Literature Essay

Read the text and listen along to the audio recording of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story “A Descent into the Maelström.” The LibriVox (Links to an external site.) audio recording features a brief and informative biography of Poe. This enigmatic story describes the experience of a sailor’s escape from a whirlpool. It is constructed as a story within in a story features a complex narrative perspective. In this journal entry, you will reflect upon the story’s use of differing narrative perspectives.

How many narrators or voices are present within the story?
What skill ultimately enables the sailor to escape the whirlpool?
What relationship does the story’s title have to its approach to narrative perspective?
Finally, can you connect this story’s narrative style to another work of fiction, such as another book, film, television show, or perhaps even a song?

Include hyperlinks to relevant texts, videos, or images in addition to your written text. Also consider embedding images or videos in your entry to make it more interactive. 


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