M5D1 352

A Message Back in Time

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This discussion addresses the following outcomes:
Analyze the period of escalation of US involvement in South Vietnam from 1965-1967 and craft a message back in time based on your understanding of the era and the missteps in US policy (CO#1).
In Steven King’s 2011 book 11-22-63
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, the protagonist travels back in time to try to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The character believes that undoing this event would also, among other things, likely undo the US-Vietnam War. In this discussion forum, you will also use your existing knowledge of history in a counterfactual scenario.
For reasons and with a method unknown to you, you have been tasked with sending a message back in time. Your purpose in sending this message is to “affect the past to create a ‘better’ outcome to the US-Vietnam War.” You may send a message consisting of no more than fifty words and one person of your choosing will receive the message sometime in 1965. Knowing the message comes from a person far in the future who has the best interests of the United States in mind, the person receiving the message will consider the content of the message with great earnestness.
Prior to completing this discussion activity, be sure to read/listen to the Module 5 Notes Presentation
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, read Chapter 5 in Herring, and all other Module 5 readings. Once you have done this, craft an initial response that addresses each of the following questions in a post of at least 250 words


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