Managerial report

 I chose the company Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk being sued by shareholders for misleading them and causing their invests to flop. you can read about it here

Unit 4 Managerial Report. Management Miscommunication
Investigate a business topic through a “perspective” of a Management Communication Issue.  Choose a topic that is interesting to you, informative and contributes to your class members’ understanding of one of the perspectives.  This report needs be on a current management communication issue.  As more weight will be given to named references, you should be limit your selection of websites that do not provide author(s).  You should plan to use one of the many research databases that Wayne provides.  
Write an informative report (approximately five pages, that includes a summary page, the report and a reference page. Single-spaced, 12 point font and formatted [include charts, bulleted list etc])) .  References (5 minimum)  must be in American Psychological Association (APA) format.
Audience and Purpose
Your purpose is to inform them about a significant managerial communication topic.  Focus on a topic that receives attention in academic journal articles, trade literature for managers or trade books.  Using your report, your readers should be able to apply practical advice that is research-based for dealing with managerial communication problem or issue.
Use whatever is relevant in each publication to support your argument, mainly synthesizing, but paraphrasing, quoting sparingly and citing appropriately.  Develop the information from your reading and your practical experience into a resource that is of potential value to your peers.  Frame a point of view your audience can understand and critique. 
The final report requires a minimum of five references that you MUST cite in your report.  You must include one each of the following:

Journal Article  (That is not the Wall Street one)
A newspaper or news website (excluding the Huffington Post)
Book or edited book that relates to the topic (BCOM Text and other business texts do not count towards minimum of five)
No dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

You may consult business textbooks, including the BCOM 9 (and later editions) text, but a business text will not count toward the minimum five references. It is important that you provide credible references.  I am looking for reliable and credible references to support your ideas and thesis. 
Present your materials as a modified formal report.  Do not include a cover page.  The first page should include your name the title and a brief summary.  Please see the examples.  (This is not a term paper)
As with any business report, you should not use the first person.  This is not about what you think but about what others have to offer.  The body of the report should be heavily formatted with headings and subheadings, white space, with lists and charts as needed.  Make sure to number every chart or image and include a caption.  You should then refer to the number in your report. Cartoons and general images should be avoided.
Use deductive organization overall and on the section and paragraph level so that reader can glance over it rather than reading it carefully–and still grasp the message and main points. 
The report should be about five pages:
Page 1           Title and Summary
Page 2-4       The report – Make sure you include the title and your name at the top of page 2.
Page 5           Reference Page


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