Managing Homework

The point of view in managing homework focused on teaching strategy used by the teacher, to convey students to learn subject matter that has been discussed in class. When motivating students to learn, there’s likely to be to be a few students, if not many, do not understand the subject matter. Likewise, effective teaching can be measured by amount of learning the students get. Teachers should find means to let students have greater learning acquired through teaching and learning process. Teaching strategy is one of the factors to consider in determining the degree of learning that takes place.
One of the tasks of the teacher’s lesson plan is giving assignments or homework to students. Effective teacher corporate and plan well lesson and incorporate there in the lesson plan the quality homework to ensure thorough learning. Also, a good homework is the one that is structured in the planning ahead of time. The role of the teacher in the classroom is a good planner and a manager of his or her own class. The teacher should see to it that giving homework would be a part of the teaching strategy that is imparted to students. A good teaching strategy is the one that includes to ensure students homework that are well and properly planned.
A good homework reflects teacher’s effective means of managing the student learning process. Thus,” homework should contain consolidated skills”(Newsam, Peter, Teaching and Learning) already taught by the teacher and the students has a wide knowledge of the skills needed to make the homework accomplished. That skill that has been learned and mastered by students is the one to used in the making of the homework. It’s just a sort of applying those skills in real situation outside classroom, that is, the home. So that in they’re respective house, the parents acts as the substitutes in the absence of the teacher.

There is still continuous learning that takes though there is absence of teacher’s guidance and motivation. Let us take for example skills acquired in learning counting numbers in mathematics subject. In the classroom teacher in math teaches the students how to count by using four operation skills. Objectively, students have mastered all those acquired skills in the teachers teaching in the classroom. But students of course don’t apply yet thoroughly those skills that have been acquired. Definitely, students should continuously learn at home by applying in real situation.
These aspects, of continuous learning at home by making homework will help lessen errors, when the teacher gave the time of assessment to students. So definitely effective learning takes place on the students. There is no hard time for the teacher to teach the students when proper instruction in classroom is given.
It is important that you let the students know that you believed on him or her and recognized the effort they’ve done. These statements addresses, “She needs to see you’re “in her corner” –they’re to listen, provide support and guidance, and seek help for her” (, cited by Speer, 2005), giving importance to the student’s homework. Also the assignment is in line with the present lessoning that teacher taught in the class. This reminds the students that homework should be accomplish since its important.
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