Mankind Is No Island

Mankind is No Island Focus: The collection of Still Images Sound Not a lot of dialogue Montage of images – together they make an image The words shown are from signs, street signs and shop signs etc. What makes this film visual What is specifically visual about it What makes the video shape my perspective of the situation What is the purpose of the video being made? – To be more aware of the homeless Ideas: There is a lack of giving to the homeless The homeless are taken for granted The homeless are ignored by society It is filmed in the city because it demonstrates advertising and also emphasizes consumerism.
Used to contradict or to challenge what they are to present in the cities. The homeless are destitute and deprived from the necessities of life. Techniuqes Soft dramatic piano music is used The music sets the tone. It also makes the audience depressed and feel guilty. Camera angles are placed in the same level as the homeless. This is used to place the audience in the homeless peoples situation and position. By doing this, the audience feels the hardships, the sadness and the uselessness as the homeless have also felt. Repetition of the images of the homeless being ignored
Rhetorical Questions are also used to make the audience feel depressed and reflect on their guilt. RQ’s are also used to make audience reflect Repetitions of RQ’s Religious images Repetition of “NO” Close up of the Homeless Face – Shows their facial expressions. Also indicates their sadness and their depression. Shows their rugged appearance. Take away the homeless identity and places the audience to look at them face to face as humans. Demonstrates how old they look. Also supports that being homeless ages you. The homeless have literally been forced to live a life of desperation.

The homeless have no choices. The fact that two of the largest cities are used symbolises and supports the idea that homeless people are not found in a particular place, but are recognised everywhere. Repetition of “your” emphasizes that the homeless and the successful are no different. They may be different in social class but they are still the same in species. The images are also negative and focus the negative sides of the city. The sentences are also in a first person register RQ’s is used to challenge and contradict on what we love The Heart Balloon –


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