Milk and Convenience Store

– We get are brand name by the combination of our names. The Joe-nette’s Pastillas de Leche, are sweet milk candies that are usually served for dessert. They are very easy to serve because you don’t need to cook to make pastillas. What we have is a no-cook fast and simple dessert recipe intenden to gratify your cravings right away. Also, cooking or heating any recipe is not necessary. All you have to do is to mix the ingredients together and there it is, super sweet delicious milk candy that you have for dessert in no time.

3 can of condensed milk (300ML)x (26) = P 78
2 powdered milkx (16) = P 32
? sugarx (12) = P 12 * 2 Japanese paperx (5) = P 10
5 bond paperx (1) = P 5_ P 137

PLACE In the public market, because many people that have a convenience store go there to buy a whole selling product to their stores. It is because the price of the product in the public market is lower than the price if you go in the supermarkets.
Our target markets are those people that have a convenience store that usually go to public market for whole selling. PROMOTION We are promoting our product by the use of a whole selling. For example, when the consumer buy whole sale of pastillas they will have a discount like we can give him/her 3 packs of pastillas for only P100, so that the consumer will be convince to buy our product again and we can also offer them to be a supplier of their convenience store.


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