MIS Coursework

Answer 12:
The intelligent techniques are the various ways into which the humans would devise an electronic device to perform what they do with their intelligence and manual energy. The various intelligent techniques would make sure that all the various collaborations among the machines are invested into various kinds of expertise which are required for making it replace human efficiency for productive use of time and effort. The behavioral attitude and the exposure which is required for fetching the right kind of mannerism and exact pattern matching on the part of the electronic devices for making them to perform in line with the humans.
The intelligent devices are of great interest to the businesses for knowledge management as they are required to manage the data which is very crucial for making the gross transition towards the management of knowledge and its successful retrieval. The organizational attitude towards various forms of knowledge must be understood and dealt accordingly with respect to demand.

The priority of knowledge derivation and data warehousing would make sure that all the various forms of knowledge would be handled and managed for its being when a lot of evaluative and intelligent analysis is required for the job. Various patterns of knowledge are crucial to businesses to predict future actions and make help them in decision making in businesses. The various forms of decision making require valid data and information to derive at business solutions.
The various differences between human intelligence are as follows:
Human beings think and behave rationally while AI imitates the actions and behavior of human beings and their thinking and reasoning process.
Human intelligence makes the computers intelligent and automates the activities like decision making, problem solving, learning and reasoning process so that still it can remain within human control.
Answer 13:
Expert systems are a branch of computer science, which deals with the study and creation of computer system that exhibits some form of intelligence. AI is the process of making machine intelligent, so that it can perform well and efficiently in absence of human beings. It is system that performs either of the following:
i.      Learns new concepts and tasks.
ii.      Reason and draw conclusion.
iii.      Able to explain
iv.      Process natural language.
It is the process of developing computer programs to solve out complex problems by application of processes analogous to the human reasoning process. It is a system that thinks and behaves rationally like human. This definition has got two major parts:
Computer solution for major problems is one where regular software exists
Process, which is analogous to the human reasoning process, is the distinguishing feature of AI programs.
Characteristics of AI programs:
i.      AI programs manipulate symbolic information to a large extent in contrast to the conventional program.
ii.      AI program has combinatorial explosion of solution.
iii.      AI programs deal with real life problems to a large extent.
iv.      A vital characteristic of AI program is that it is easy to learn.
Intelligence requires knowledge and knowledge should have some desirable properties. AI technique is a method that exploits the knowledge that should be represented in such a way that
1.      Knowledge captures generalization i.e. it is necessary to group the objects together, which share important and common properties.
ii.            It can be understood by people, who must provide it.
iii.            It can easily be modified to correct errors and reflect changes in the world and in the world’s view.
iv.            It should have a wide application and implementation area, even though it is incomplete and inaccurate.
v.            It should be used to overcome narrow range of possibilities.
Advantage: Generalized and self-explanatory like search strategies for knowledge representation.
Disadvantage: Voluminous, hard to characterize and constantly changing.
Three important AI techniques:
i.            Search: It provides a framework in which any available direct technique can be embedded. It provides a problem solving method for which no more direct approach is available.
ii.            Use of knowledge: Provides a way of solving complex problem, by exploiting the structure of objects involved.
iii.            Abstraction: Provides a way of separating out important features and variations from unimportant ones.
Expert systems help in knowledge management as the ability to learn from the environment and make decisions would contribute to the very catering of knowledge and its usage. The expert systems utilize knowledge and skills to a very large extent and make enough judgment for making a right mark.


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