Morally responsible group member

What do groups need in order for them to attain efficiency and productivity? Well, there are a lot of things that could contribute for the attainment of efficiency and productivity. The following are the possible key factors that could contribute for any group to have the optimal level of efficiency and productivity.
Sense of responsibility is one of the few aspects in the personality of each and every one of us that must be inculcated in our minds for it encompasses almost all of the positive characteristics that we do in the workplace or even in our everyday activity. Especially working in groups, responsibility calls for doing at least your part or role in the group, with this, effectiveness and efficiency is not far from being experienced by the group. Moreover, when we say responsibility in the workplace it dies not only pertains to self responsibility but also the responsibility of one member to its co-members and the entire group as a whole. By thinking the welfare of each and every member of the group, it would be beneficial to them since they were already going to attain the optimal productivity level that they could reach.
Teamwork is another important factor in achieving the highest productivity of any group. Through teamwork, each member uses the ability of their co-members in order for them to come up with an output that is of good quality and condition as compared to when they did not have any teamwork at all. Having teamwork would also picture the kind of personality that each member of the group or organization has. Members of a group that has teamwork have the personality of accepting their own limitation and depend on the skills of their teammate for them to finish their task.

Teamwork is very hard to develop in the work palace especially in an organization that has a diversity of culture and personality. This requires great period of time to be developed and only through constant working together is the only way to build up teamwork. It cannot exist in an instant, and cannot be rushed. This is the reason why teamwork is seldom to occur in various organizations and groups that have diverse members.
Another factor that contributes to the attainment of optimal productivity and efficiency is the cooperation of every team members is the cooperative orientation of every group members. When we speak of a cooperative orientation we are talking to an individual that is dependent to skills of other members of the group to attain success, productivity and efficiency. Cooperation is attained if the members work hand in hand with their team members and together perform the jobs that they are assigned to them.
A person that is a cooperative oriented one is more productive, efficient and successful among the type of person that have already mentioned above for they have the ability to help one another and reinforce the identities of other group members as well as open for the influence of their group members. In short they are open not only to finish their job but also to learn from one another since they are willing to be influenced by their other team members (Suleiman, 2004).
There are still other factors that can be raised to support the said claim that cooperative individuals are the most successful and productive one among the characteristics that have mentioned above like, they could also detect and correct the errors in reasoning that they have committed along the way.
Moreover, they could also think clearly since they are relaxed from the set up that they have- that they have their own uniqueness inside of them. Everyone is appreciated and these motivate them from performing good in every task that were assigned to them. Transfer of messages is also not a problem to a group that is a cooperative one for they can interpret the messages accurately since they have already this “special closeness” to one another due to the appreciation of each and every members of the group.
Furthermore, cooperative persons take the entire task as a challenge and not as a burden. This promotes for the person to strive hard in order to come up with the best result that they could as compared to a person who treats tasks as a burden who only give what is enough to accomplish the job assigned to them. Cooperative individuals also have good working relationship with one another since they value the significance of one another and accept the limitations that they have.
What group members must not develop is the sense of being individualistic for it only promotes self interest and attains less productivity and efficiency. Individualists rely only to their own skills and believing that it would be enough to finish the task that is assigned to the group. They are always after their personal agendas and welfare. They care less on the condition of the entire group and what is the most important to them is to improve their condition regardless of what might happened to the organization if they remain into their kind of mentality.
People who are individualistic do not have any notion of appreciating the significance of other member so the group and this eventually lead to miscommunication and affects the intern relationship of the group members. If this left untreated internal conflict might rise and the entire group and organization will be perished at the end of the day.
Based from the given sets of possible characteristics of a person must posses in order for them to be morally responsible group member it is a must for them to keep in mind that it is important for the members of the group to aim for the welfare of the entire group and to appreciate the significance of their group members in order for them to build good working relationship with one another and to set harmonious working environment to make them relax and comfortable in working to the organization. The more the individuals value the importance of striving for their best the more they become closer in attaining success.
At this point, I just want to stress out that individualisms must be avoided by most of us especially when working in groups. This can only be appropriate in an organization where people work individually or the nature of their job needs to rely only to their own skills like writing and painting. More or less, we still should develop the sense of cooperating with one another for it is the best way of achieving things.
Suleiman, R. (2004). Contemporary psychological research on social dilemmas. Cambridge, UK ; New York: Cambridge University Press.


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