My Graduation Day

Dear Alice, Hi, how about your academic result? Getting full marks again in Mathematics paper? It’s ok you did not attend my graduation day as you were sitting for your final year examination. Well, I will give you a vivid account of what happened on that day. One of the biggest moments of my life was the day of my graduation. I was walking towards a new beginning in life, a new chapter that filled my body with excitement. At that moment I realized how fast the time had passed by, and that I was no longer a child, but an adult. As the graduation day was an important moment in my life, I must dress up nicely to “to kill”.
I went shopping with my friends to choose some beautiful clothes. I also picked some attractive accessories to put on my clothes. It will give me a nice look during the graduation ceremony. Receiving some card and messages from the friend and relatives, I felt gratified and delighted. They congratulated me for successfully graduating from a prestigious university. Besides encouraging me to chase my dream, they also wished me to be successful in my new chapter of life. The day of graduation finally arrived. I woke up early to go get my hair, nails, and make up ready for the big day. I dressed up in a purple and red robe.
I was on cloud nine when Professor Tan said that I was dressed “to kill”. Tell you secretly, I was not used to wearing the high-heeled shoes. It made me feel uncomfortable when walking. Wearing the gown and mortar board, I felt extra special and confident. Students and their parents congested the hall. Happiness was written on their face. I scoured the hall, looking out for daddy and mummy. I tried to spot them but to no avail as the throng of people crowded the hall. I finally found them by using the mobile phone. Mummy doesn’t usually use make up. Yet, on my graduation ceremony, she did it.

I was pretty surprised that mummy looked twenty years younger than her actual age. My friends even praised that we didn’t look like mother and daughter but sisters. The thunder of applause from the students rocked the hall when the guest of honour entered. After a series of speech was delivered, it was the time to deliver the scrolls to the graduates. Many waited eagerly for their turn to go onto the stage to receive their scrolls. I started having butterflies in my stomach. Daddy and mummy just stared at me and that just made me even more nervous because I knew what they were thinking “our baby girl is grown up now”.
So I just smiled right back to cover up my nervousness. Yet, in fact, my heart was thumping relentlessly. “Nancy Yeow”, my name was finally called. Walking up to the stage, I received the scroll. At that moment, I felt a sense of success. Everything was over in a few seconds. For me, the photo-taking session was much delightful. Daddy, mummy and I smiled broadly and took photos in front of the hall. I captured many photos with my friends too to keep as treasured memories. I had lunch in a restaurant with daddy and mummy and I shared my happiness with them too.
I also attended a graduation party at friend’s house in the evening. Playing and chatting, we enjoyed the gathering very much. I was happy that I graduated with all my friends and moved on to something bigger, as in the society. But I couldn’t help the fact that I was sad about leaving the university and being separated with my buddies. I will not forget the memorable event. I love the university life very much. Alice, always put your best foot forward in academics and enjoy your secondary school life. It will be your treasured memory. Till then, do take care. Your loving sister, nancy


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