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My weaker points in English are essay writing, especially the introduction and conclusion paragraphs and poetry analysis. Based on what I know about the course, I feel like I will have to put in a lot of effort to pass the APE exam due to my weakness in essay writing. This year I would like to focus on getting my writing skills up to par for the APE exam.
I recently turned 16 as I said earlier. I live with my mother and 14-year-old brother, who also goes to Stanton. My dad is in the Ana so right now he’s stationed in Pensacola and comes home every other weekend. We live on the west side and my neighborhood school is Baldwin. I was born in Jacksonville but moved to Virginia for 4 years the summer after 5th grade. We moved back to Jacksonville 5 years ago. I play softball for the school, I think it starts sometime in the beginning of the 2nd quarter. I hope to participate in multi this year but I haven’t decided what group I want to try out for yet. I like to read as I mentioned before.


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