My Plan Of Work Day In Kindergarden

When l arrive to my work place the first thing l do is to make sure the kitchen area is clear from hazards and safe for children to have breakfast. Then I go to the playroom (where l mainly work) and check the room for any unsafe items. Then l put some toys out. (Depending on the children on that day) When the children and parents/carers start arriving l am there to open the door and welcome them in and talk to them and comfort some children if they are unsettled. If there is a few arrivals at the same time l call a member staff for help. write the time they arrive on the register. Once all the children are in l play with them, talk to them and listen to them and make sure that they are happy and safe. The children have snack at mid-morning so my job is helping them with washing/drying their hands and preparing the snack and supervising them when eating. After snack we have play/craft times where l usually work with another member of staff and have fun and explore with the children. I implement the planned activities for that day.
Before lunch time l help them with washing their hands for lunch and again supervise them when eating. If there are children that need to sleep after lunch l get the rooms ready and check the rooms and make sure that they are safe. If there is something suspicious/seems unsafe l talk to my manager immediately. When the children are asleep l go into their rooms every 10 minutes and check them if they are fine and write it down on the register so all the staff can see if need to.
In the afternoons parents/carers come to pick up their children and l am there to let them in and talk to them about how their child/children has been in the day. (if the parents/carers have got time l like having a nice chat about their children) as l think it is very important that we share things and work together. But if parents/carers don’t have time or can not talk at that time it will be a brief discussion) When all the children have gone l briefly talk to my manager and reflect about how the day was and if there is any messages to pass on from parents/carers.


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